Metal Roofing & Wall CladdingMetal Roofing & Wall Cladding

Here at LMR we only use the highest quality Australian made materials, and source our metal from Bluescope Steel. With numerous profiles and colours in Colorbond, Zincalume and Stainless you can be sure you’ll get the look you’re after.

We also make sure you receive your warranty from Bluescope Steel for that extra peace of mind

To view Colorbond’s extensive range of colours click here


Metal & Stainless Steel FabricationMetal & Stainless Steel Fabrication

At LMR we have become very versatile to suit the growing market, we have the state of the art folding and metal fabrication machines at our disposal with normally next day lead times. We have onsite mobile welding services and our Stainless Steel supplier is approved by the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association.


Roof Replacements & RepairsRoof Replacements & Repairs

When the time comes to replace your existing roof, LMR is the best choice with over 500 happy families living under our new roofs. We can remove your old tile, metal, shingle or concrete roof and turn it into a new contemporary home. With projects ranging from $100–$500k, we can tailor your roof to suit your needs. We also ensure you receive your Bluescope Steel warranty.


asbestos removalAsbestos Removal

Lee Meehan Roofing is fully licensed to remove asbestos in both QLD and NSW. We hold both A-class and B-class licences and provide this service to commercial, industrial and residential clients.


Insulated Panel SystemsInsulated Panel Systems

LMR is a recognised installer of insulated panel systems. These systems combine insulation, framing and paint which speeds up build time and saves you both time and money. FIND OUT MORE


Tile to Metal Roof ConversionsTile to Metal Roof Conversions

LMR carry out a range of different roof conversions: replacing your dated tile roof with a modern and durable metal roof is one of them. We ensure your roof is left water tight at the end of each day during the construction process, providing minimal disturbance to our valued clients. We also bring your roof truss tie downs up to building code. Here at LMR, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. One small way we do this is by ensuring your old roof tiles are recycled.



LMR offer a full onsite welding service that includes all types of welding such as TIG, MIG, STICK and ARC. We can also fabricate almost anything in house and deliver to your door.


Fascia and GutterFascia & Gutter

LMR has accounts with all the Bluescope approved suppliers and we can match any existing fascia and gutter , If you want something custom we can design fabricate and install.


Gutter GuardGutter Guard

LMR uses Blue Mountain Mesh as our preferred leaf blocking system which is available in most Colorbond colours in both steel and aluminum. Be aware some systems are not Bluescope approved and may void your warranty.


Down PipesDown Pipes

LMR offers a full range of downpipes from Colorbond to stainless steel. We are also one of the few roofing companies that offer a fully welded in house stainless steel downpipe.


Our Services, Gold Coast Metal Roofing, Patio Roofing, Wall CladdingOther Services

LMR can offer a full range other trades for your project needs from our data base of trusted trades used in our building construction company. LMR is a specialist in architecturally designed homes we pride ourselves in our problem solving skills.